crying by a bench | documentary

the documentary of my first Edinburgh show


The flyer, and yes I had them printed and excitedly left some poised on a shelf in the first pub I saw when I arrived into Edinburgh. Then did little with them but gave a few out to people who asked if I had a show…. yes I do thank you very much, where is it? by a bench, which bench, depends which bench is free and if I can stop crying long enough to ‘perform’.



How to Comedian

I used to make this show where I interviewed up and coming comedians on the London (UK) scene.

It is at moments rather heavily inspired by the Zack Galifianakis show ‘Between two Ferns’

Beat the Frog

I managed to beat the frog. Feb 8th 2015.

For those unaware its another gong show, this one not quite as brutal as the Comedy Store.

The show is at The Frog and Bucket comedy club, Manchester.

I also won audience favourite vote at the end of the night, securing an 8 minute spot performing at the club at some point in the future.

It was a bit of a shock after failing to do well in clap off’s at the Comedy Store Gong’s.

I’m not meant to win things…

beat-the-frog-logo-5822ff18124a743f2cb6e6731139088c …I now think I’m Yesus.

Beat the Gong

Manchester Comedy Store Feb 7th 2015

Thank god I survived this gong show, lasted the required 5 minute mark and reached the clap off finale, I have the footage and no you cant see it.

I felt like it went really well on the night (along with compliments from other acts and punters), but the video footage doesn’t pick that up, a bit too much dealing with the audience and not enough material.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 01.01.13

Never again?