Final weekend of shows at The Brighton Fringe

Dead with a capital D

Final weekend of shows at The Brighton Fringe:

Excited to announce I will have my Brighton shows this fri/sat signed for Deaf BSL users.
fri 25th 9pm The Black Dove,
sat 26th 6pm Brighton Rocks & 9pm The Black Dove.

25th May
26th May



Things comedy people have said to me…

Drunk Tony Law ‘I Love your hair’ ‬
Sober Tony Law ‘Where was it we met?’
Stewart Lee 1st time we met ‘See you on the circuit!’
2nd Time we met ‘ See you on the circuit!’
3rd Time we met ‘Are you a comedian?
‪Mark Watson ‘Loved your stuff, yeh, what a great joke, that one about the bbq’‬ ‪


Daniel Simonson ‘great timing’‬ ‪
 Image may contain: 2 people, beard
Phil Kay ‘Yeah man you’ve got your thing going and it’s great’‬ ‪
Image result for sofie hagenSofie Hagen ‘Peter Bazely is the future of British comedy / when we first met I thought he was a barman flirting with me but it turned out he was just trying to get ahead in comedy’‬ ‪



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Doug Stanhope (me: I’m a big fan of the podcast) ‘Ok’‬ ‪
Al Lubel ‘Thanks for the wine’‬ ‪




 Image result for luke mcqueenLuke McQueen ‘Peter!!!!’‬
 Image result for Phil Ellis Phil Ellis ‘I think you pitched it just right’‬
 Image result for jim gaffigan 
Jim Gaffigan (me: have you gigged much in london before?) ‘Meh’ (went back to looking at his phone)

Image result for ivor dembina Ivor Dembina ‘Are you making a living at this now then or what?’

Image result for paul foot




Paul Foot ‘very nice performance!’


Image result for Daniel Kitson  Daniel Kitson ‘your a shitebag etc’

accidentally heckled Kitson with a laugh and got rinsed royally.

boosh Rich Fulcher (me can I get a photo) ‘sure..’

Lewis Schaffer ‘Can I give you some advice, Give up the instrument (guitar), you’r going to do it eventually anyway, like Billy Connelly and whats his name…?’


Peter Bazely’s Fat After Christmas, the Comedy Show 2016


Peter Bazely is back at the Phoenix Artist Club with another joyously mad night of Stand-up Comedy to beckon in the end of what has turned out to be a year of celebrity death and political ‘balls up’ery’ (yes its a word, yes I just made it up).
So as 2016 draws to a close, come and celebrate another pointless year ‘almost over’ by laughing at some of the funniest comedians on the circuit. Let them briefly help you forget about the inevitable end of the world scenario soon to be upon us (you know what with Trump and all that).
It’s becoming somewhat of a tradition this show ‘Fat After Christmas’ and this years line up looks to be even better than last years what with the comedic legend Phil Kay taking the headlining spot.
About the Acts;
Stand-up Comedian Peter Bazely is currently alive, unhappy, and living in London. “…an elegant figure, about 9ft tall and two inches wide with a dinky guitar and an un-flashy confidence” (Chortle)
After placing in the finals of three new act competitions and failing to win any of them, Peter still isn’t happy. “…His masterful, self-deprecating, and droll tone brought tears of laughter…” (The Church Times)
Peter describes his act as stand-up comedy with a guitar, but others simply label it a cry for help. “Distinctive stuff…” (Bruce Dessau – Beyond the Joke)
Adam Greene
The Comedian Adam Greene took the audience in the palm of his hand; while he mixed flights of fancy with crippling dark personal observations, ending in a good hearted approach to the idea of finding laughter in life’s difficulties. (Shameless Self-Promotions)
Javier Cooks
Comedian Javier Cooks aka Javier Costales see’s life from a skewed angle, its almost like he is performing music when he uses words and sounds to make comedy about everything and nothing. Like some prolific jazz musician his comedy takes you on a ride that no one has ever been on before.
“Surreal flights of fancy and punchlines that spring up from the most unlikely of places. It’s the ramblings of a unique comedic mind” Tickled Pig
Phil Kay
Your Headliner Phil Kay is a bit of a comedy legend, especially at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where he is mostly carried around on the shoulders of locals and tourists alike for his wit, charm and storytelling prowess. Other comedians bow to him in the street and reverently request punchlines to jokes they haven’t yet finished.
But Phil is a man like no other and yet an everyman, you cant help love it and if you’ve never seen him LIVE then now is the time, you wont regret it.
A dervish of comedic energy, anger, love, remembering’s… Phil cant really be explained on paper so just get ur arse down to this gig.
Phil Kay burst on to the comedy circuit in 1989, when he won the new act contest So You Think You’re Funny in only its second year.
His unpredictable, freestyle approach won him a Perrier nomination in 1993 and the award for best stand-up at the 1994 British Comedy Awards (Chortle)