Found this old Weird VHS

so weird :S been going through some old stuff and come across this, anyone ever seen it? is it worth spending an hour looking for the vhs player tho? #sketchoff #weback 26th feb, semi finals of sketch off 2018, couple of vip tickets going to the whoever can spot the snake — with Whine Carter, Graham Goddard, Richard Kiess and KirkContinue reading “Found this old Weird VHS”

Is this thing on? The Edinburgh Preview Last min dot com!! For those who missed the last one, I’m doing another preview of my new show: Peter Bazely and the Funky Bunch, this time alongside the charismatic Matt Smith. Its a bit of a last min booking so I will appreciate even more than usual those who make the effort.

5 Finals & 0 Wins

Jan 18th WIP with Adam Greene photo of Peter by the talented 5 Finals & 0 Wins A Stand-up Comedy WORK IN PROGRESS with Adam Greene & Peter Bazely Between Adam and Peter they have made it to five comedy competition finals… and won none. Are these natures losers, or are these guys just aheadContinue reading “5 Finals & 0 Wins”