Vote for my Poster

I’ve redesigned my poster a million times this year, go vote for the final one, and no one tell me its not perfect.



here are some of the iterations that didn’t make the cut


AAA Stand-up Edinburgh Fringe


Total sell-out 2005-2017 returns with a brand-new line-up. ‘Comedy the way it should be: laugh-a-minute, leaving the audience wishing the show was a little bit longer’ **** (Fest). Jon Long: ‘Clever gags and witty songs… delivered with laser guided timing’ ( Musical Comedy Awards Audience Favourite 2016. Colin Chadwick: ‘He condenses quirky ideas into sharply efficient jokes with unexpected payoffs. An affable presence with a nose for the offbeat, he’ll go far’ ( Peter Bazely: ‘an elegant figure, about 9ft tall and two inches wide with an un-flashy confidence’ ( ‘Distinctive stuff’ ( Book early!

Final weekend of shows at The Brighton Fringe

Dead with a capital D

Final weekend of shows at The Brighton Fringe:

Excited to announce I will have my Brighton shows this fri/sat signed for Deaf BSL users.
fri 25th 9pm The Black Dove,
sat 26th 6pm Brighton Rocks & 9pm The Black Dove.

25th May
26th May