AAA Stand-up Edinburgh Fringe


Total sell-out 2005-2017 returns with a brand-new line-up. ‘Comedy the way it should be: laugh-a-minute, leaving the audience wishing the show was a little bit longer’ **** (Fest). Jon Long: ‘Clever gags and witty songs… delivered with laser guided timing’ ( Musical Comedy Awards Audience Favourite 2016. Colin Chadwick: ‘He condenses quirky ideas into sharply efficient jokes with unexpected payoffs. An affable presence with a nose for the offbeat, he’ll go far’ ( Peter Bazely: ‘an elegant figure, about 9ft tall and two inches wide with an un-flashy confidence’ ( ‘Distinctive stuff’ ( Book early!

Final weekend of shows at The Brighton Fringe

Dead with a capital D

Final weekend of shows at The Brighton Fringe:

Excited to announce I will have my Brighton shows this fri/sat signed for Deaf BSL users.
fri 25th 9pm The Black Dove,
sat 26th 6pm Brighton Rocks & 9pm The Black Dove.

25th May
26th May