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Half traditional entertainer, half mystical, deadpan soothsayer. Bazely the morose enigma incorporates audience interaction and killer one-liners into his performances.


#2 Roast Battler in the UK
New Comedian of the Year Finalist 2016
Bronze Musical Comedy Awards 2015
Golden Jesters 2nd Place Finalist 2015

‘AAA Stand-up’ 2018 – Pleasance Courtyard (Headliner) –
Edinburgh Fringe SELL OUT RUN!!

Best Jokes from Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 – The Mirror
The Best of 2018’s Quick-Fire One-Liners – Daily Record

Winner of Beat the Frog at The Frog and Bucket Manchester Feb 2016
Beat the Gong at The Comedy Store Manchester Feb 2016 + April 2016
Beat the Gong at The Comedy Store London September 2015

Peter has taken shows to multiple Fringe festivals over the last 6 years; Edinburgh, Brighton, Leicester and Leeds, Bazely’s past shows include:
‘Peter Bazely – crying by a bench’
‘An Alternative to Comedy’
‘Peter Bazely and the Funky Bunch’
‘AAA Stand-up’ at The Pleasance
‘Peter Bazely : Interpreted’


“…His masterful, self-deprecating, and droll tone brought tears of laughter…” (The Church Times)

“…an elegant figure, about 9ft tall and two inches wide with a dinky guitar and an un-flashy confidence” (Chortle)

“Distinctive stuff…” (Bruce Dessau – Beyond the Joke)

“That was fucking brilliant, weird but I loved it.” – Jack Abela

“Great timing” – Phil Kay

“The future of British comedy” – Sofie Hagen

”So funny, great whacky alternative style” – Philip Carl Kostelecky

Full reviews:Peter sites his debut Edinburgh Fringe Show ‘Crying by a Bench‘ (2014) as a critical success. The show was performed outdoors and consisted of some Stand-up comedy and some crying, but importantly (says Peter) it was always by a bench.

Peter Bazely cut an elegant figure, about 9ft tall and two inches wide with a dinky guitar and a unflashy confidence, trying to win himself a girlfriend with some whole-audience participation. His short songs were properly musical and not the sort of ditty that could be easily learned in a day, like so many so-called musical comedians. His presence and composure on stage should take him far, as he had instant authority with the audience.

review by Julia Chamberlain for Chortle – December 2016

Peter Bazely’s comedy set, fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe, was incredibly dry, which was much needed, after heavy rain. This 20-minute set was described as “not so much comedy, more a cry for help”. Bazely Mixed songs, poems, jokes, and a comic twist on evangelism. His masterful, self-deprecating, and droll tone brought tears of laughter to those in the Canopy Stage.

The Church Times
Greenbelt Festival 2015

‘Everything was going wrong and I started to think maybe thats how its meant to be,
like a show where everything that can go wrong will go wrong, although the breakdown
he (Peter Bazely) was having seemed real.’

– Audience member at the Peter Bazely Fat after Xmas Show 2016

“The excitement dipped a little when dour Peter Bazely walked on, fringe in his eyes and head down. Bazely had a hint of Joe Wilkinson about him, but was less of a social misfit. Despite being very lo-fi he interacted well with the audience and had a winning unexpected Jehovah’s Witness gag lurking in the middle of his set. Distinctive stuff which earned him joint third place.”

Bruce Dessau – Beyond the Joke
Judging the 2015 Musical Comedy Awards Final

Loved Peter so much at Greenbelt festival 2017, he had me in tears of laughter within seconds. I was initially disappointed that he was with friends as I was hoping for a whole show. But I soon realised that only having short bursts of Peter was a blessing, if he had been on stage all the time the pain of laughing so much would have left me in unimaginable pain around the rib cage!!!

Tim Wheeler August 2017