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Half traditional entertainer, half mystical, deadpan soothsayer. Bazely the morose enigma incorporates audience interaction and killer one-liners into his performances.


2nd Best Roast Battler in the UK (according to Roast Battle Premier League JAN 2019)
New Comedian of the Year Finalist 2016
Bronze Musical Comedy Awards 2015
Golden Jesters 2nd Place Finalist 2015

‘AAA Stand-up’ 2018 – Pleasance Courtyard (Headliner) –
Edinburgh Fringe SELL OUT RUN!!

Best Jokes from Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 – The Mirror
The Best of 2018’s Quick-Fire One-Liners – Daily Record

Winner of Beat the Frog at The Frog and Bucket Manchester Feb 2016
Beat the Gong at The Comedy Store Manchester Feb 2016 + April 2016
Beat the Gong at The Comedy Store London September 2015

Peter has taken shows to multiple Fringe festivals over the last 6 years; Edinburgh, Brighton, Leicester and Leeds, Bazely’s past shows include:
‘Peter Bazely – crying by a bench’
‘An Alternative to Comedy’
‘Peter Bazely and the Funky Bunch’
‘AAA Stand-up’ at The Pleasance
‘Peter Bazely : Interpreted’


“…His masterful, self-deprecating, and droll tone brought tears of laughter…” (The Church Times)

“…an elegant figure, about 9ft tall and two inches wide with a dinky guitar and an un-flashy confidence” (Chortle)

“Distinctive stuff…” (Bruce Dessau – Beyond the Joke)

“That was fucking brilliant, weird but I loved it.” – Jack Abela

“Great timing” – Phil Kay

“The future of British comedy” – Sofie Hagen

Peter sites his debut Edinburgh Fringe Show ‘Crying by a Bench‘ (2014) as a critical success. The show was performed outdoors and consisted of some Stand-up comedy and some crying, but importantly (says Peter) it was always by a bench.

Full reviews:

Peter Bazely cut an elegant figure, about 9ft tall and two inches wide with a dinky guitar and a unflashy confidence, trying to win himself a girlfriend with some whole-audience participation. His short songs were properly musical and not the sort of ditty that could be easily learned in a day, like so many so-called musical comedians. His presence and composure on stage should take him far, as he had instant authority with the audience.

review by Julia Chamberlain for Chortle – December 2016

Peter Bazely’s comedy set, fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe, was incredibly dry, which was much needed, after heavy rain. This 20-minute set was described as “not so much comedy, more a cry for help”. Bazely Mixed songs, poems, jokes, and a comic twist on evangelism. His masterful, self-deprecating, and droll tone brought tears of laughter to those in the Canopy Stage.

The Church Times
Greenbelt Festival 2015

‘Everything was going wrong and I started to think maybe thats how its meant to be,
like a show where everything that can go wrong will go wrong, although the breakdown
he (Peter Bazely) was having seemed real.’

– Audience member at the Peter Bazely Fat after Xmas Show 2016

“The excitement dipped a little when dour Peter Bazely walked on, fringe in his eyes and head down. Bazely had a hint of Joe Wilkinson about him, but was less of a social misfit. Despite being very lo-fi he interacted well with the audience and had a winning unexpected Jehovah’s Witness gag lurking in the middle of his set. Distinctive stuff which earned him joint third place.”

Bruce Dessau – Beyond the Joke
Judging the 2015 Musical Comedy Awards Final

Loved Peter so much at Greenbelt festival 2017, he had me in tears of laughter within seconds. I was initially disappointed that he was with friends as I was hoping for a whole show. But I soon realised that only having short bursts of Peter was a blessing, if he had been on stage all the time the pain of laughing so much would have left me in unimaginable pain around the rib cage!!!

Tim Wheeler August 2017