5 Finals & 0 Wins



Jan 18th WIP with Adam Greene

photo of Peter by the talented http://www.andrewjohnsimpson.com/

5 Finals & 0 Wins
A Stand-up Comedy WORK IN PROGRESS with Adam Greene & Peter Bazely

Between Adam and Peter they have made it to five comedy competition finals… and won none.

Are these natures losers, or are these guys just ahead of their time?
Do they bend under the pressure of a final, or are the judges at these comedy competitions part of a shadowy secret organisation obsessed with seeing the success of young attractive female comedians over that of these talented ageing and out of shape men?
Should they give up comedy or fight back?
All Valid questions but there is only one way to find out what they will do next…

…come and see their work in progress shows for this years Edinburgh fringe, two shows for the price of one, which is free anyway so its just all free, but you can pre book your seats and / or throw them some money on the way out if your so bloody obsessed with these guys.

At Edinburgh last year there was one show where just 3 people showed up, so he just took them for a coffee – maybe that will happen with this show? Who knows.

“Greene is definitely somebody to keep tabs on,” Bruce Dessau.

Runner up in the Balham New Act of the Year
and Finalist in the Piccadilly Comedy Club New Act of the Year.

New Comedian of the Year finalist Stand-up comedian Peter Bazely is from a family of priests, he wasn’t born to that family its just that they found him when he was a baby and raised him as one of their own. Unable to get the hang of being a priest, years later Peter realised he was actually not a priest at all, but a very confused stand-up comedian with no time to waste.

“His masterful, self-deprecating, and droll tone brought tears of laughter” (The Church Times)
“Bazely had a hint of Joe Wilkinson about him… …Distinctive stuff” (Bruce Dessau – Beyond the Joke)
“An elegant figure, about 9ft tall and two inches wide … (with) an un-flashy confidence” (Chortle)
Peter sights his influences as Andy Kaufman, Stewart Lee and Steve Coogan.

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