Things comedy people have said to me…

russelhicksRussell Hicks:

I love how your songs are just straight to the punch line then get out of there, its like the opposite of what I do.


Drunk Tony Law ‘I Love your hair’ ‬
Sober Tony Law ‘Where was it we met?’
Stewart Lee 1st time we met ‘See you on the circuit!’
2nd Time we met ‘ See you on the circuit!’
3rd Time we met ‘Are you a comedian?
‪Mark Watson ‘Loved your stuff, yeh, what a great joke, that one about the bbq’‬ ‪


Daniel Simonson ‘great timing’‬ ‪
Phil Kay ‘Yeah man you’ve got your thing going and it’s great’‬ ‪
Image result for sofie hagenSofie Hagen ‘Peter Bazely is the future of British comedy / when we first met I thought he was a barman flirting with me but it turned out he was just trying to get ahead in comedy’‬ ‪




Doug Stanhope (me: I’m a big fan of the podcast) ‘Ok’‬ ‪
Al Lubel ‘Thanks for the wine’‬ ‪




 Image result for luke mcqueenLuke McQueen ‘Peter!!!!’‬
 Image result for Phil Ellis Phil Ellis ‘I think you pitched it just right’‬
 Image result for jim gaffigan 
Jim Gaffigan (me: have you gigged much in london before?) ‘Meh’ (went back to looking at his phone)


Image result for ivor dembina Ivor Dembina ‘Are you making a living at this now then or what?’

Image result for paul foot




Paul Foot ‘very nice performance!’




boosh Rich Fulcher :  ‘sure..’

Lewis Schaffer ‘Can I give you some advice, Give up the instrument (guitar), you’r going to do it eventually anyway, like Billy Connelly and whats his name…?’


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