Live at Leicester Square Theatre


Acting and Stand-up Showreel

Ever feel like in this ever changing content binge’ing online culture your just not doing enough to set yourself apart as an entertainer/comedian/film maker etc, well I do feel like that often so…
…I’m looking to expand my network of creative and talented people, and hopefully end up collaborating with some of you on new and exciting projects
if your interested drop me an email


Things important people in comedy have said to me…

Drunk Tony Law ‘I Love your hair’ ‬
Sober Tony Law ‘Where was it we met?’
Stewart Lee 1st time we met ‘See you on the circuit!’
2nd Time we met ‘ See you on the circuit!’
3rd Time we met ‘Are you a comedian?
‪Mark Watson ‘Loved your stuff, yeh, what a great joke, that one about the bbq’‬ ‪


Daniel Simonson ‘great timing’‬ ‪
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Phil Kay ‘Yeah man you’ve got your thing going and it’s great’‬ ‪
Image result for sofie hagenSofie Hagen ‘Peter Bazely is the future of British comedy / when we first met I thought he was a barman flirting with me but it turned out he was just trying to get ahead in comedy’‬ ‪



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Doug Stanhope (me: I’m a big fan of the podcast) ‘Ok’‬ ‪
Al Lubel ‘Thanks for the wine’‬ ‪




 Image result for luke mcqueenLuke McQueen ‘Peter!!!!’‬
 Image result for Phil Ellis Phil Ellis ‘I think you pitched it just right’‬
 Image result for jim gaffigan 
Jim Gaffigan (me: have you gigged much in london before?) ‘Meh’ (went back to looking at his phone)

Image result for ivor dembina Ivor Dembina ‘Are you making a living at this now then or what?’

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Paul Foot ‘very nice performance!’


Image result for Daniel Kitson  Daniel Kitson ‘your a shitebag etc’

accidentally heckled Kitson with a laugh and got rinsed royally.

boosh Rich Fulcher (me can I get a photo) ‘sure..’

Lewis Schaffer ‘Can I give you some advice, Give up the instrument (guitar), you’r going to do it eventually anyway, like Billy Connelly and whats his name…?’